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“I have been living at Les Gertrude Apartments for over 13 years now – and that should say something! I have always felt at home and very safe here. Both the superintendent and the office staff are very courteous, responsive and helpful.”
Cheryl M
“I very much like the high ceilings in my apartment and the location – the easy access to get around the town.”
Eleanor S.
”The location and neighbors is what I like the most about living at Les Gertrude Apartments. The superintendent, as well as the office staff, are very courteous and responsive.”
Richard C.
“I love the building and the superintendent. My experience at Les Gertrude was always very pleasant. The office staff is courteous and very helpful.”
Ingrid H.
“My overall experience at the Les Gertrude Apartments has been very pleasing. The superintendent in very courteous and responsive. The location is very convenient to shopping and transportation.”
Pamela C.
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